Custom Products

At Cegasa we offer you tailor-made developments and products for energy storage solutions based on Lithium-Ion technology. At Cegasa we manufacture the Battery pack that your product needs. It is a service geared towards OEM manufacturing of components that are integrated into the products in your catalogue. Our engineering department develops the most suitable solution for your needs. And our production department manufactures them according to the delivery needs.

Development process

1.- Needs analysis

2- Proposing solutions

3- Product development

4- Prototype construction

5- Functional testing and validation

6- Safety approval

7- Certification

8- Manufacturing pre-series

9- Mass production

10- Product maintenance

11- Second life recycling

We provide a comprehensive service for your needs, from the conception of the product to its mass production.

More than 15 years of experience in the design and manufacture of Lithium-Ion storage systems.