04.07.2024 Innovation

The promoters of the Sunrise PV project meeting at CEGASA

The eight companies that are part of the Sunrise PV project have gathered in our offices to discuss and share knowledge about the development of the new generation of photovoltaic technologies.


For CEGASA, sustainability is part of our mission as a company that promotes the much needed energy transition.

In this long road that we still have to travel, innovation and knowledge sharing are strategic pillars to accelerate the solutions that will enable a new generation of photovoltaic technologies that reduce energy costs through circularity strategies. This is an objective we share with the Sunrise PV program and the other seven companies that are part of it.

CEGASA welcomes Sunrise PV participants

Yesterday we shared the day with the technical representative of CDTI (Center for Technological Development and Innovation) and 12 of our Sunrise PV program partners from the companies: Magtel, Mugape, Técnicas Reunidas, Cuadros Eléctricos Nazarenos (CEN), ISFOC, Mondragon Assembly and Soltec.

With the union of our developments and new technologies we want to address challenges in different phases of the photovoltaic value chain, from modules to plant operation and maintenance, focusing on new materials and processes, efficiency in operation and maintenance, and the recovery and reuse of critical materials.

During the visit, in addition to the relevant technical review conducted by the CDTI to review the milestones we have been meeting during the 2022-23 and 2023-24 fiscal years, we were able to show our guests our facilities, show them the advances being developed in our R&D department and present our latest Lithium-ion storage technology solution: EScal, whose design has recently been awarded in the ADI 2024 Awards, in the Digital Devices category.

Visitantes Sunrise a CEGASA

Our first two years in the Sunrise PV program

During these first two years we have collaborated closely with IKERLAN (technology center specialized in digital technologies and artificial intelligence), Tecnalia (applied research and technological development center) and Tribalyte (software and patent development company).

With them we have worked in the development and testing of an application to digitize and robotize production, as well as in the research of high power batteries and technologies to improve the performance and life of batteries using Artificial Intelligence algorithms.

The Sunrise PV project started in 2022 and will conclude in June 2025. It is co-financed by the CDTI and the Next Generation EU Funds.


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