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Design and manufacture of lithium-ion products and solutions.

Cegasa is a European pioneer in the application of Lithium-Ion to special mobility and stationary solutions. Our constant vocation for R&D&i has helped form a team of professionals with great experience in the areas of the cell, its behaviour, and its application to the different Power and Energy needs. Cegasa started the development of Lithium cells and solutions in 2000, our R&D team is now a European benchmark in the development of Lithium-Ion solutions.

Cegasa has an advanced characterization and testing laboratory, an essential tool to guarantee a product of the highest quality. Our products are subjected to extreme electric and environmental conditions to ensure that our Lithium-Ion products will be used for a long time and with maximum benefits. The availability of our own laboratories allows us to perform tests for extended periods of time, and not only for a few hours, which is the usual period when using external services.

Our laboratories have specific equipment for the safety approval of Lithium-Ion-based systems, one of the few facilities in Europe with these characteristics. Our laboratories are only at the service of products for Cegasa customers. This differential capacity allows us to ensure the maximum safety of our Cegasa Lithium-Ion products.

Cegasa Laboratories

At Cegasa quality is a constant, which is why our production process incorporates the latest technological advances. Our cells are properly equalized one by one automatically before being integrated into the equipment. This ensures the maximum quality and performance of Cegasa equipment. The process of integrating cells in the different battery modules is automated, allowing us to ensure that each and every one of our products is manufactured with the highest quality, and that there will be no faults.

Other manufacturers perform manual welding processes for the cell, or use unsuitable equipment for welding, which is the main cause of faults and loss of performance. At Cegasa we use fully automated state-of-the-art machinery, which allows us to present fault-free products.

Cegasa Lithium-Ion solutions incorporate the most suitable chemical technology and cell type for each product and application. For this purpose, we offer a product with a wide range of chemical technologies and cell construction types.

By using different chemical technologies we can obtain cells with different characteristics. There are three features that mainly depend on the chemistry of the cell: the energy that the cell is able to store, the power it is capable of giving, and the number of life cycles. Of the multiple formulations available, we can highlight three:

Comparison of the main benefits with NMC and LFP

market technologies

> NMC (Nickel, Manganese, Cobalt), is the right solution for mobility with 30% higher energy density, making it interesting due to its reduced weight and volume. On the other hand, this formulation has a shorter service life, that is, a lower number of cycles. This cell is widely used in computers, mobile phones, battery banks, scooters, bicycles...

> LFP (Iron Phosphate), is the most suitable cell type for stationary or traction solutions where the number of cycles or the power required is demanding. Its service life is at least 4 times higher compared to an NMC cell. In addition, it is the only completely safe chemical technology as it presents no risk of ignition or explosion, even if it is exposed to conditions outside the cell specification ranges. This cell is used in industrial products, large storage systems, industrial traction equipment...

> LTO (Titanate), is a cell particularly suitable for very high power systems, special applications where very high currents are required for a short time. This cell allows up to 35 times more power than an LFP cell. It provides a very long life, approximately 4 times higher than the LFP and 16 times compared to the NMC. Its main limitation is the price, about 6 times higher than the LFP and about 8 times higher than NMC. Due to its high price, it is only used in very specific applications, such as high performance drones.

At market level, the two technologies with the highest penetration are NMC and LFP. Below we show a comparison between the main features of the two cells:

By constructive type there are basically three technologies:

Cylindrical cells: They are built in the same format equivalent to a conventional battery. This is the first format that was used, and had widespread initial implementation in laptops.

Flat cell: also called "cell pouch", is a format developed to provide a solution to new technologies. It is mainly incorporated by mobile phones, tablets and the new generation of computers. The devices' small size and slim design make it impossible to use cylindrical cells, and, therefore, a cell type was developed that can be manufactured in any type of shape and in different thicknesses, thus adapting to the available space of the equipment.

Prismatic cell: it was developed to meet the need for a cell adapted to high energy systems. It is ideal for storage systems for renewable energy, industrial solutions, and network integration systems. A prismatic cell provides 50 times more energy than a cylindrical cell, that is, a system built in a cylindrical cell requires 50 times more cells than a prismatic solution for the same energy. For example, a storage system for self-consumption only incorporates dozens of cells built with a prismatic cell, and yet it has thousands of cylindrical cells. The incorporation of a smaller number of cells allows more efficient system balancing and greater benefits, with a lower need for control electronics, making it both more reliable and cheaper.

Design and Manufacture of high-energy industrial batteries.

  1. Negative Collector
  2. PVC Container
  3. Negative Mix (Anode)
  4. Positive Collector
  5. Positive Mix (Cathode)
  6. Diaphragm (Separator)

Cegasa is the main manufacturer of professional Zinc Air Alkaline batteries worldwide. Our technology, present in the five continents, is the result of more than 50 years research and continuous investment in the development of new materials and formulations, which allows us to offer our customers the professional batteries with the highest energy density in the market and the only ones that guarantee 2 years of continuous working and maximum stability in the voltage output.

Cegasa has developed an exclusive technology for the manufacturing of the cathode, which makes possible a higher volumetric energy density and a higher capacity of power supply to the cell. The Zinc Air Alkaline provides the highest energy density of any battery system in the market and at a very low cost. This advantage is due to the use of the oxygen as reagent of the cathode, which makes the cell be filled with more quantity of Zinc, being the only material to be consumed during the discharge. The great advantage is that this system allows the cell to provide up to 8 times more capacity than the traditional systems of Zinc anode, which must contain its oxidizer inside the cell. For example, alkaline cells store oxygen in form of manganese dioxide, which implies approximately 60% of the weight of the cell. In other technologies the batteries contain approximately the same amount of anode and cathode material, and that’s the reason why their life is limited to the material that is first consumed.

Cegasa technology is the most convenient one for applications that require a continuous low power supply, isolated from the mains and where a very long life of the battery is requested.

ZINK AIR ALKALINE Batteries manufactured by Cegasa

The batteries are made with a specially formulated manganese dioxide cathode that is continuously regenerated with the oxygen from the air. This fact makes the cells use a very small amount of cathodic active material compared to other conventional alkaline batteries. The great advantage is that a larger amount of anodic material can be stored in the cell and more energy is available.

As a result, the Zinc Air Alkaline Battery from Cegasa is the battery with the highest capacity in the market.


discharge curve

Constant output voltage, meaning constant performance

Cegasa technology ensures that the deviation of the voltage output is always inferior to 2%, no matter what the SOC of the battery is. This means that in certain applications as, for example, signalling, the light intensity remains steady along the whole life of the battery and it doesn’t fade away as the battery discharges, which is the usual behaviour of other technologies. Constant output voltage means constant performance all along the life of the battery, which increases its efficiency, reduces the amount of necessary batteries and minimizes the environmental impact.

Air Depolarised
Saline Batteries

Exceptional Energy Density compared with other technologies, that is longer life, compact and light battery

The exclusive formulation of Cegasa makes possible to offer a battery of extraordinary energy density. Up to 5 times more energy in the same space and up to 8 times more service life, as a consequence of the voltage output stability regardless of the state of charge of the battery, which allows us to make the most of the energy of our battery. Other batteries fail to provide the highest voltage when there is still remaining energy on them, which makes the user not able to keep on using the battery and to waste up to 30% of the energy in it.

Maintenance Free and Environmentally Friendly

Cegasa technology doesn’t need any maintenance. It has been conceived to be able to be ready to use without any kind of additional care.

Cegasa has developed a formulation that makes possible to manufacture the battery without any pollutant element. It doesn’t contain any heavy metal as in the case of other technologies using Cadmium, Mercury or Lead. Our technology is totally respectful with the environment.

Heavy Duty Operation

Cegasa has developed a formulation and constructive design for the Zink Air Alkaline batteries that ensure their perfect working in extreme conditions: extreme low or high temperature doesn’t have an effect on the integrity of the battery. Due to their sturdy design and manufacturing quality they can operate under high vibration conditions.

Safe Technology

The exclusive technology of Cegasa is absolutely safe. It is built using the formulation of solid elements, which eliminates the risk of spilling any liquids. The nature of its composition ensures an intrinsic safety without danger of explosion or gas emission. That’s the reason why our technology is not subject to any special transport conditions (ADR, IMDG, DGR, RID, AND or others).

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