Always one step ahead.

Our ongoing work in R&D has been and continues to be our hallmark and one of the main reasons why, after almost 90 years, we're Europe's leading manufacturer of energy storage solutions.

We're a European leader in R&D.

Our constant search for responses to the challenges of the future led us to be the first European company to implement Lithium-Ion in special mobility and stationary solutions. With over 20 years of experience working with this technology, our R&D team is currently a leader in Europe.

State-of-the-art laboratories in Europe.

Our characterisation and testing laboratories are an essential tool to guarantee the highest quality solutions. In these laboratories, we subject our products to extreme electrical and environmental conditions to ensure that they will be used for a long time and with the best performance possible.


We work to offer innovative solutions in the field of electronics; we design and develop control platforms that make up the architecture of BMSs (hardware). In addition, we implement functionalities and algorithms (software) that enable greater control and efficiency in electronic systems. Our team also has experience in embedded control design on microcontroller platforms and in the creation of system software, such as drivers, low-level SW, and operating systems. We ensure that we comply with non-functional regulations and tests, such as EMC, temperature, and electrical safety in order to guarantee the quality and safety of our products.


At CEGASA, we work in the field of electrochemistry, specifically in the selection of storage technologies and sizing. We carry out characterisation, degradation, and life prediction (calendar life and cycle life) tests on Lithium-Ion and Zinc-Air cells. In addition, we use highly efficient multi-physics models to predict cell behaviour and useful life. These models, together with advanced optimisation tools, allow us to improve the design of battery packs.

Sustainability is always at the centre.

We innovate with an eye on the future.

A future in which only environmentally friendly solutions are possible. This is our commitment to our team, our customers, and our planet.

The most important innovation is to adapt to your needs.

Our R&D department is always available to listen to your challenges. We have experts in chemistry and electronics who bring the knowledge and creativity necessary to take our solutions to another level: the one you need.

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Made in Europe.

The fact that our production plant is located in the Basque Country (Spain) is no coincidence. This is one of the most important innovation hubs in Europe and a leading industrial location globally. This innovation ecosystem has shaped our innovative nature and boosted our competitiveness, thanks to our access to leading technology centres specialising in electronics and software. From here, in Europe, we carry out our entire research, development, industrialisation, manufacturing, and after-sales activities.

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