Cegasa is made up of over 100 people with very different specialisations

But they all have one thing in common: the desire to improve the world through our products. From our headquarters in the Miñano Technology Park we produce energy storage solutions that can be implemented anywhere on the planet, be it to electrify a rural area in Kenya or to power traffic signals in Finland.

Always one step ahead.

We’re unconventional. We work with an eye on the future, innovating so that what isn't possible today may be possible tomorrow. We try to anticipate the needs of the market so that the market sees us as the leaders we want to become. We always explore ways to improve what we do, however small that improvement may be. In short, we're always ready to go one step further. Where the energy of others doesn't reach, ours never stops.

We team up with our clients.

We demonstrate to our clients, with tangible actions on a day-to-day basis, that we can be trusted to take decisive steps forward on the road to the energy transition. We're always there for them, always at their disposal, both today and tomorrow, in the most common and the most complex projects. Putting ourselves in their shoes, understanding their needs, and making it easy for everything to flow. Collaborating openly and honestly in the before, during, and after of each project to best bring their energy to life. Ultimately, we strive to cultivate strong relationships where our clients' problems are our problems. And their challenges are our challenges.

We act on the basis of knowledge.

We believe that the knowledge we have as a team, and that we need to continue to expand, is a major asset that we need to make the most of. By being experts and acting as such. Always knowing what we do, without losing precision and quality. Striving to be a reliable source for our clients, providing them with the answers they need. Drawing on the company's long history and what it has learned over the decades. Knowledge serves us well. And it must also serve our customers and the market.

Sustainability is always at the centre.

We're serious about making our planet a more sustainable place. More than with words, our actions speak for themselves. Bringing increasingly accessible and universal solutions to the market. Striving to find more sustainable alternatives to everything we do and how we do it. Thinking in terms of recyclability, waste reduction, or energy efficiency. Setting an example whenever we can. Making our energy work for the benefit of our planet is something that really concerns us.

Open positions.

If you don't see any vacancies that fit your background, you can also send us your CV to talento@cegasa.com

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