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We're world leaders in the manufacture of zinc-air batteries, the best energy solution for low-intensity applications requiring a very long life without maintenance or supervision.

01. Highest energy density on the market

Cegasa's unique formulation makes it possible to offer an exceptionally energy dense battery. Up to five times more energy in the same space and up to eight times longer life. Thanks to the high stability of the output voltage regardless of the discharge state of the battery, we can utilise the battery's energy to the fullest.

02. The best price/energy ratio

One ZINC-AIR ALKALINE CEGASA battery provides more energy than eight batteries from other brands. In other words, fewer batteries to recycle and fewer batteries to transport and store.

03. Very long battery life

ZINC-AIR ALKALINE is the ideal technology for those low-power applications where continuous energy is required and that work for very long periods of time without any maintenance or supervision. Our batteries are the longest lasting on the market.

04. No installation or maintenance

CEGASA's technology doesn't require any maintenance. It has been developed so that it's ready to use and doesn't require any additional care. The battery is supplied with the ventilation holes sealed, so that it doesn't start working until the seal is removed. It can be stored for two years with minimal loss of capacity. After discharging the battery, replacing it with a new one is very simple and doesn't require qualified personnel.

05. Easy to use

CEGASA batteries are very easy to install and replace and no qualified personnel are required.

06. Safe in explosive environments

None of the battery components are flammable and no gas emissions are released. CEGASA's unique technology is totally safe. It's built using a formulation of solid state elements that eliminates the risk of liquid leakage. The nature of its composition ensures intrinsic safety with no risk of explosion or gas emissions. This is why our technology isn't subject to any special shipping conditions such as ADR, IMDG; DGR; RID, AND, etc.

07. 100% reliable, CEGASA quality

Manufactured in Spain under ISO 9001:2015 certification, our batteries comply with the standards that guarantee their use in safety-critical applications.

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Over 30 years of developing zinc-air batteries mean that we have solutions for multiple applications.

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We take the environment very seriously, because we take the future very seriously.

At CEGASA, we've developed a formulation that allows us to manufacture batteries without polluting elements that are harmful to nature. It doesn't contain any highly polluting heavy metals, as is the case with other technologies that use cadmium, mercury, or lead. That is why our batteries are 100% recyclable.

We manufacture under the ISO 14001:2015 certification and our technology is completely environmentally friendly.

Our batteries have multiple applications.


Anti-squatter alarms

The most reliable and longest-lasting batteries for anti-squatter alarms on the market.

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Road signs

The alternative to the 4R25 battery, which lasts eight times longer, offers great savings in terms of recycling, logistics, and storage costs.

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Custom-made batteries.

If the standard models don't suit the specific needs of the exact purpose for which you want to use our E/Z8 batteries, our R&D department will be more than happy to study your case and design a battery for you.

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OEM and customised packaging.

We specialise in the field of OEM products for our customers and offer various packaging options for better customisation.

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