We're taking steps in the present to achieve a 100% decarbonised world in the future.

We're incredibly motivated to develop energy storage solutions that address the challenges posed by climate change and the energy crisis.

Our impact counts.

In 2022, CEGASA batteries installed around the world prevented around 33 tonnes of CO2 from being emitted into the atmosphere. Our target is to avoid emissions of 112 tonnes per year by 2025.

100% recyclable zinc-air batteries.

We've developed a formulation that allows us to manufacture batteries without polluting elements that are harmful to nature such as heavy metals.

R&D for the planet.

We're always working to go one step further in sustainability. Our R&D department is currently involved in two industry-leading projects to minimise the environmental impact of batteries.

01. Design of the ecobattery

We're working on the most sustainable battery on the market, which is made of recyclable cardboard instead of plastic and eliminates lead from soldering processes.

02. Second life batteries

Recovery of batteries in the last phase of their life cycle and optimisation for new applications.

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