Our lithium batteries have multiple applications.

Learn about some of the most common ones.

Our modular battery system is one of the most versatile on the market, so it has many potential applications. Here you'll discover some of the most common ones, but remember that our R&D department is at your disposal to provide you with a tailor-made response to your challenges.


Residential self-consumption

A residential self-consumption system makes it possible to reduce electricity bills by between 30% and 80%, even to zero, and to dispense with electricity distribution and commercialisation contracts.

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Peak Shaving

In industries and businesses with high electricity consumption, it is advisable to "Peak Shaving", i.e. to minimise and reduce the amount of electricity demanded from the grid at any given time, especially at critical moments with strong consumption peaks. We achieve this by installing photovoltaic solar panels and lithium batteries.

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Support for electric car charging

The incorporation of electric vehicles and fleets into the vehicle fleet is a technological, economic and social challenge unprecedented in our history. To complement the high demand for energy that electric vehicle charging entails, we have CEGASA storage systems of up to 4 MWh.

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Rural electrification

There are places where it is not possible to build electricity infrastructure with high generation and distribution or where the costs of doing so are simply too high.

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Industrial self-consumption

Self-consumption is an increasingly common model in companies around the world, and refers to the production of electrical energy by the consumer, using renewable energy sources such as solar energy, and its subsequent consumption in the same place where it is generated.

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Energy communities

Energy and resource management are vital in order to have access to economic energy that respects the natural environment. For this reason, electricity generation must follow a distributed and interconnected model, always ensuring that electricity generation is located as close as possible to the points of consumption.

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A microgrid is a self-contained electricity grid that allows you to generate your own electricity on site and use it when needed. Microgrids comprise low-voltage distribution systems together with distributed generation sources as well as storage devices.

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