Our zinc-air batteries have multiple applications.

Learn about some of the most common applications.

Our wide range of products allows us to offer solutions suited to an endless number of applications. These are just some of the most common ones, but if you have a specific need, we probably have a solution for you.


Electric animal fencing

The extensive range of Zinc-Air Alkaline batteries designed for this sector covers your specific needs, and being the longest lasting on the market, they guarantee the proper functioning of your fencing without the need for continuous monitoring.

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We offer solutions to help improve signage systems that regulate traffic and optimise safety.

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Parking meters

Cegasa Zinc-Air Alkaline batteries provide these devices with the right amount of power to always keep them connected and available for every transaction.

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The interconnectivity of any device is one of the major changes facing the technology industry.

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Cathodic protection

Impressed current cathodic protection systems are widely used in thousands of above ground, underground, and submerged metal production facilities.

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Maritime signalling

The characteristics of Zinc-Air Alkaline batteries provide the maritime and inland waterway sector with high-performance, reliable, and long-lasting power even in severe weather conditions for the optimal operation of navigational aids such as lighthouse emergency lighting, lighthouse and beacon lighting, maritime signalling lighting, radio beacons, and transmissions.

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Portable LED lighting

The convenience of portable lighting devices is enhanced when they offer sufficiently bright light and enhanced durability.

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Smart City

The need to improve the sustainability and efficiency of our cities has brought about the digital transformation, and with it, the need to provide energy to all the delocalised systems of the connected world.

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Anti-squatter alarms

The most reliable and longest-lasting batteries for anti-squatter alarms on the market.

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Road signs

The alternative to the 4R25 battery, which lasts eight times longer, offers great savings in terms of recycling, logistics, and storage costs.

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