27.04.2023 Innovation, Technology

Camping Isla de Ons, the first self-sustainable campsite in Galicia, incorporates a photovoltaic system with CEGASA batteries

CEGASA, manufacturer of products and solutions for energy storage, has participated together with Inelsa Solar in the installation of a photovoltaic system at the Isla de Ons campsite, the first self-sustainable campsite in Galicia.

The project consisted of the installation of 96 photovoltaic modules, with a power of 51.84 kWp, which will allow an annual energy production of 63,003.60 kWh. In addition, the use of these solar panels will allow for the elimination of 8.85 tonnes of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere per year. As for CEGASA's batteries, a modular energy storage system with Lithium-LFP technology has been installed, consisting of seven eBick 280 pro modules, with a total capacity of 94 kWh.

Ramón Ugarte, commercial director of batteries and lithium-ion systems of CEGASA, has highlighted the importance of this project in the fight against climate change and in the commitment to a more sustainable future: "We are very pleased to have collaborated with Inelsa in this pioneering project of Camping Isla de Ons, a great example of how the tourism sector can lead the transition to a more sustainable future. We hope that this initiative will inspire other companies in the sector to follow suit and embrace solar energy and battery storage as a way to reduce their environmental impact and improve their energy efficiency".

Such is the environmental commitment of the Isla de Ons campsite that it has recently been certified with the S Mark for Sustainable Tourism by the Spanish Institute for Tourism Quality (ICTE). A milestone that comes after it received the certificate in 2020 in the Sustainable Accommodation category and the Q for Tourism Quality certification from the same institute, as well as the recognition of the S for SUSTAINABILITY mark.


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